Tuesday , June 15 2021

Red Héctor Robles lost the hexagon quota in the last game before Colombia

The National Team finished fourth in Group A.

They developed Venezuela, Brazil and the combined "coffee".

The flame of the illusion that awakened Red under 20 during the Wednesday victory over the Brazilian national team, the day ended in Rancagua.

The team led by Ector Robles He played all his options to qualify for South America's final hexagonal against Colombia and eventually defeated 1-0 in the last game play (90 + 6), which meant elimination of the tournament and the end of the dream was ranked for the World Championship in Poland 2019,

Ascending performance, sparked game spells, and line-of-attack performance seemed to have been forgotten. What the Chileans exposed this Friday was lethargic and without clear ideas, especially on this Colombia plays with one person in less than 58 minutes and this one tie was enough to advance to the final stage of the race.

The Chilean team was left with the intentionThe action in the first time was opaque, where there was no shot or experience for the purpose Colombian.

What could be a decisive advantage for the local team came in the 41st. Jared Valencia had a foul and was expelled.

Colombia covers the lack of a player due to its physical location. In the set, never let yourself feel the lack of Valencia, even if you threaten every arrival of the goal protected by Luis Ureta.

As the strongest emphasis in the second half for the Red appeared Ivan Morales, Kolokonino has suffered damage in the opposite zone at least five times, although he always ended a loss against the marks and the strong Kevin Mier.

The match is played and Chile definitely pledges to sign a tie. In the reply, "coffee makers" had a country that proved lethal. Carlos Questas had the clarity that he could control a series of struggles and be on the scene scored 15-0 in the last 15 seconds.

Upon closing Group A the classification was concluded as follows:

1st Venezuela with 9 points
2nd Brazil with 7 points
3rd Colombia with 7 points
4th Chile with 4 points
5th Bolivia with 1 point

* Only the first three in advance.

More than South America under 20

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