Thursday , June 17 2021

Renata Bravo is still weighing the alleged sex tape

Actress Renata Brazo reflects on the controversy that appears when a supposed intimate clip about her is revealed.

When the images were broadcast, the comedian's followers began sending various messages to alert him to the recording, thinking that the main character was Bravo himself.

"I did an event that day and nobody thought it was me, so I guess half of the people who saw the video believe me and the other one does not," Bravo said in a conversation with AR13.

He added that the situation is extremely complex: "It is hard to think that people believe that they are watching how they shoot on Twitter, which is super complicated and my husband told me," Relax if you are not. "

"I felt angry when they started sending me messages that my video was circulating and I was there. What will I do (…) I felt in my own flesh what it is today that I do not have a personal life that everything goes through social networks, "he said.

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