Thursday , July 29 2021

Respawn will delay the development of the next TitanFall from Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment, development company responsible for Battle Royale, Apex Legends, released a statement a few hours ago to leave silent people concerned about the future of the game, saying it was focusing on the new content for the title.

Drew McCoy, Executive Producer of Apex Legends, at the end of his extensive statement, it became clear that Respawn focuses on taking their current projects as seriously as possible and will not allocate resources from one institution to another, and the discouraging part of this statement is that McCoy He talks about the possibility of delaying the upcoming game Titanfall, due to this focus on promotion Apex Legends,

Finally, with regard to other games being developed at Respawn, it's important to understand that there are completely separate development teams working on Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In addition, to fully support Apex Legends, we will delay Titanfall's future plans. No resources from the Apex Legends team will be changed to other titles that are being developed here in the studio, nor will we remove resources from the Star Wars Jedi team: the Fallen Order.

ironically Apex Legends is based on the universe of Titanfallhowever, with his mechanics and several of his weapons in the Battle of Royale, the community hoped that after the enormous success of the launch of Apex Legends, Respawn finally decided to start a new game on Titanfall, but as he has said Drew McCoy, maybe it will take some time before developers play again Titanfall and delivers a third part.

Although, Apex Legends It is still very popular and we do not deny that there can be a very solid base of players, the inertia of the game has been decreasing recently, at least as far as the attention that the society of Twitch and the interest it generates on the internet, but that does not mean the game is dead or similar, but it's actually a good decision to promote this IP, which is also very fun.

Apex Legends It is accessible and is free on the platforms Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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