Friday , December 4 2020

Restore pieces of art stolen from property in San Francisco by Monsaval

Among the captured objects are eight statues stolen from the General Cemetery, two figures from the Santa Lucia Hill, San Francisco Church crates, and Pacific Warfare weapons.

on Investigation brigade of environmental crimes and cultural heritage (Bidem) Metropolitan of EPI recovered multiple statues of iron from the Santa Lucia Hill, trunks extracted from the San Francisco Church, and Pacific Warfare Troops, among others objects of historic value.

As detailed in the subfund Pablo Ibara, the head of Metodite Bidem, the operation was developed after the publication of a photo of an iron figure in a local newspaper and after many abilities to find its location it is finally determined that the figure with a commission for theft since 2003 is owned by the municipality of San Francisco de Montazal (Oregon Highlands).

Several detectives from the unit participated in the operation, which, through various techniques, confirmed the identity of the objects found in 43 hectares of property, It is eight statues stolen from the Cemetery, two of Cerro San Lucía, among other patrimonial elements of palaeographic origin.

It is also possible to take advantage of two chests the church in San Francisco, fossil record and armament used in the Pacific War.

The operation ended without the detainees.

For now, AIP investigates how they were stolen and taken to the home of the alleged collector.

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