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Return to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

Upon the return of the franchise to World War II, Battlefield V is a fun game, but there are still remarkable debts.

One of the biggest shooters sagas has returned to the home that has seen him make his first steps. We are talking about it Battlefield V, a bet from Dice and Electronic Arts to return to World War II. As we all know, in this case the first games of this franchise were defined.

After the good acceptance of Battlefield 1 with its World War I performance, the Swedes decided to take advantage of their newer version inspired by the second. No doubt this has created a lot of anticipation. After all, what other conflict is more interesting and deadly than the one in which the Nazis participated?

Only this week Battlefield V started, but at Fayerwayer we had the chance to test it in its version of the computer. These were our impressions:

Battlefield V: Return to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

The only player who refuses to die … but also does not reborn

The first time I played Battlefield 1, I did it without expecting any kind of story in particular. However, I came across the so-called "Military stories," which left me delightThe reason for this is that they gave me an experience that is already beginning to die in the shooter genre at that time.

The only thing that did not look so good was the length of this "campaign mode." Each of the stories lasted only less than an hour, and they began with only five. In Battlefield V, they turned out to be only three, with the promise fourth (and one that looks more interesting) in the future, The truth is that those we currently have … do not shine much.

Yes, we are returning to the same formula of the previous war. We have soldiers, heroes and rebels who are fighting to defeat the enemy through less conventional tacticsThe problem with this is that while each story is unique, the way the characters achieve their goals is very similar.

Let me explain: we have a young Norwegian woman who opposes the German occupation, an English criminal who was released from prison in a suicide plan and a Senegalese soldier fighting for France, even though he was treated with contempt. As these elements can vary greatly, but quickly the player understands that they are raised in the same way,

In all there are stealth scenarios, shooting and a mission to "destroy X size points". The only one that can stand out among others is "The Last Tiger," in which a German tank is piloted. Still, it is not yet available.

Nevertheless, it is highly appreciated that there are still narrative intentions. We hope that the last German history will provide us with this diversity that we missed with the other three.

Battlefield V: Return to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

The bet to play as a team

Battlefield V conquered the class system observed during the First World War to make it more robust. It is assault soldier, which are equipped with machine guns and rocket launchers; we see the one from "recognition"which in a few words is a sniper; one support, responsible for the distribution of ammunition; and doctor, who delivers healing packs.

This time he says he wants to force us to play more like a team, causing more peer relationshipFor example, the ammunition is already smaller, so if you do not have a partner assistant to supply you, bullets may soon run out. Besides, you will only have a set of dressings to heal so you will need a doctor if you do not want to die so soon.

Changes in the team's system are very noticeableWhen you fall into battle, one of your three comrades will be able to revive you, You can really scream for first aid while there is a "clock of death" that you can postpone to help or accelerate it to prompt you RespawnOf course, this will leave the physician's privilege to revive his colleagues faster and with greater health.

This is important because it really shows when your team is working together or notAs you play, you will find people who do not slip, even though you bleed to death beside them and ask for help. However, when you meet with attentive people, you think you are always supported, and you can constantly fight even though you've lost.

Battlefield V: Return to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

Multiplayer modes

As for game modes, we see an improved version of "Operations," called "Large operations"During a few days, players have to struggle to destroy / protect multiple goals, and one day's results will be passed to the next one in bonuses for the attacking team if they reach their goal. tied, it is defined as a kind of sudden death, in which no team will have regeneration.

For rest, we have the typical way to conquer, advance, dominate, and duel to death., There is a novelty that is "Front" that is to catch flags until you unlock the enemy base where the targets are animated to win the gameThe enemies can retreat against them until they are surrounded by the base.

We see a great multiplayer experience, which is now more frenetic than its predecessorOf course, he still maintains the habit of dying often by accidental elements such as airplanes or missiles. This is the war, I guess.

By the way, the accidental deflection of the bullets is eliminatedThat is why we will have more comfort when it comes to fighting medium and long distances.

Battlefield V: Return to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

Very fine art

The Frostbite engine does not disappoint us by giving us a great picture show at Battlefield V, Details such as ambient lighting are very well achieved and deserve to be the successor of the artistic success he had during the battlefield 1. What we can realize when this aspect emphasizes that he very well depicts the presence of moisture in environment This is shown in the image below.

As usual, the stages are very good, especially in military stories. I remember one that I especially liked and was in Norway where they included an aura in the night sky. While, in the day when the sunshine on the frozen lakes gives a spectacular and very photorealistic result,

The textures of objects and the environment are very well defined. Beyond your shape, you can easily distinguish the visual sensation that produces something of steel on a piece of cloth.

On the other hand, the visual and sound effects are still unbelievable. The experience of chaos caused by fire and explosions is very similar to what one can experience in the first person. Of course, the shooting and the soldiers' wars end up producing what will be found on a battlefield.

All this with flexibility that at least on a computer can be considered flawless.

Battlefield V: Return to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

The Controversy

I did not want to lock up without mentioning the disputes that arose after the Battlefield V trailer. Many people worried when they saw a woman in the video complaining that "now Battlefield is in the way it joins without makes sense, "

I decided to check how much this topic influenced the gameplay and found nothing to change the experience. In multiplayer mode, each player decides to have their character appear on a list of predefined faces. thus, if you prefer your soldier to be "Günter "and not" Helga ", there is no obstacle.

The presence of women does not affect anything. It's not that they get undressed or start asking for privileges on the battlefield. They behave like what they are: soldiers in order to kill the enemy. Be confident that this is not something you will notice while playing, so you do not have to make comments like "now in DLC we will include black transsexual lesbian feminisis." Well, feminism yes, we'll literally find out,

Battlefield V: Return to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

We look forward to the rest

It's no secret to anyone that Battlefield V will not deliver all of its content at once, but through several free DLCs over time., This in itself is diminished for its followers, who have to wait for a more complete game. In fact, some interesting things like the Military History "The Last Tiger" or the inclusion of the Battle Royale regime will take some time to see the light.

This gives a feeling that there is still something else to be seen to give the right opinion of the gameSo far, it's fun, but the player always crave more and thinks of anything that could blow the title in terms of this conflict. For example, would it not be good to include the Eastern Front with the Soviet Union? Not only can you use other actors like fascist Italy.

In summary, Battlefield V is a true sequel to his predecessor and knows how to best represent the IIGM emotions, With the rhythm changes of multiplayer games they have achieved really fun results. The same can not be said about the way a player who is a bit short of their intentions and expectations.

Still, it is still an audiovisual beauty. The user worries about more, which will surely be reassured when new content is published. He recognizes the effort to bet on the fever of the moment: the Battle Royal, which still needs to be seen. What you see today can be described as a highly recommended title with an opportunity to grow more.

Battlefield V: Return to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

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