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Rewinding on YouTube in 2018 was rejected by Internet users

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With two million "few fingers up"and 7.4 million below, until 18:00 this Monday, December 10, 2018,YouTube Rewind 2018"It has become the most rejected by users of this social network because platform decided to launch this type of compilations in 2010.

Video: YouTube, Channel: YouTube Spotlight

What went wrong? According to the users' comments in the video, one of the things they liked most was the surplus of references Fortnite video game, on virtual game, which started in 2017, makes up to a hundred people fighting on an island to be the last one.

To this is added a large number of "YouTube users– This appears in scenes, because many are not well known, make sure Internet usersAnother complaint is that the collection looks at issues that are not usually looked for by platform users video,

In the video, she starts her presentation with the famous American actor Will Smith, you can find more than 100 HoldersAmong them are: Luizito Co Communication, Los Polinezios, Amy Rodriguez, Sofia Castro, by the way. In addition, topics such as the royal wedding between Prince Henry and Megan Markel, Group B of the World Cup.

Despite criticism video He has already exceeded 100 million visits, and although he is one of the largestdislike"This is also one of the most compiled compilations in the history of this platform.


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