Sunday , January 17 2021

Richelme's remarkable praise for Marcello Diaz's play

The little distinction in Argentine football may have a greater weight than that of Juan Roman Richelme. The former midfielder is a legend in this country and his voice is always required for his sincerity and analysis without limitations.

That's why he commended Marcello Diaz, given that former Boca Juniors is considered one of the most talented players in the Albliastic and is respected for his vision of the game.

"You see 5 at Raaling, Chilean Diaz … he does not give you the ball until he knows you can get him back and so you play football, at least for me," said Rikelme on Fox Sports.

Former Pellegrini team commented on this as a result of Cardona's request, a Colombian from Boca, who did not have the chance to play in the final. "All balls intend to give a good pass, pause, I like seeing players that if they lose a ball, they get angry, I like the players who want it all the time."

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