Wednesday , January 27 2021

River Boca to the end of Copa Libertadores 2018: Pablo Pérez was close to 1-0 for "Xeneizes" [VIDEO] | Libertadores Cup

It was close. The Argentine midfielder Pablo Peres was close to celebrating the first goal of River-Boca until the end of Copa Libertadores 2018 in Madrid. The player "Xeneize" takes advantage of a split ball to shoot at the goal and try to score 1-0. The game, however, ended in the hands of Franco Armani.

The action in favor of the Xeneize team took place only 10 minutes after the match, mouthImmediately after and after the defenders' attempt to clear themselves River, Pablo Peres was found with the ball and scissors attached to an Armani who stopped the auction without major problems.

River and Boca they play at the Real Madrid stadium in the final Copa Libertadores 2018 then was postponed twice after the incidents suffered by the Xeneize team bus when he arrived at the monumental stadium on November 24th. After meeting with the clubs, Conmebol decided to play on European soil.

mouth seeks to be crowned for the seventh time Libertadores Cup and so would have reached the Argentine Independence as the most won clubs in the tournament. It has not been illuminated since 2007. River, in turn, is champion three times the cup, the last time in 2015.

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