Tuesday , July 27 2021

Roberto Cox is subject to criticism after being photographed in an area devastated by the Iraq war Television and show

These days Roberto Cox is in Iraq, reporting on demand Patricio Gonzalezwho is trying to get her Swedish grandchildren back from Isis' hands in Syria.

From this side, the communicator shared an image through his social networks, which lie in front of the war-ravaged site.

In particular, the photo is taken Mosula city located in northern Iraq, about 400 kilometers from the capital Baghdad.

– Mosul, the last bastion of the Islamic state. Just moving! "The journalist from Chilliwon wrote. However, with the expiration of the hours his publication began to be criticized.

Some users rated the reporter "Disoriented," "Unconscious," and "Unattractive"for positioning in the middle of a collision-affected location.

He even compared the young woman who took a photo of the fires that had previously affected Valparaiso.

BioBioChile He contacted Coke, who is still in Iraq, to ​​get a version of these questions. But the journalist prefers not to refer to the subject.

Recall that the relatives of the seven children held in a camp in Syria have sent a letter to the president Sebastian Pinera, so the government can speed up the efforts that lead Chile to bring children.

Juan Carlos Godody, a representative of the family, criticizes the slowness of the negotiations and compares them with the speed at which La Moneada reacted to the fire of Notre Dame Cathedralin Paris.

Meanwhile, from Iraq, the grandfather of the children, Patricio Gonzalez, explained Radio Bio Bio waiting for a final document to be able to bring out of Al-Hahl's grandchildren who have serious lung problems and malnutrition.

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