Monday , June 14 2021

Rodrigo Goldberg: We have guaranteed the autonomy to create the sporting project

Rodrigo Goldberg took on Monday as a new member of the Sport Committee Chilean University and expressed after the Board meeting Blue blue, your excitement forgo home"although he said that"it is not time to celebrate, but to work ",

He also explained that they would have freedom with them Sergio Vargas, another key part of the concessionaire, to create a project that will strive to lift the team.

– I am happy, excited because after more than 20 years I return to UI did not imagine he would come back like this. It's also not the happiest period, but exactly where we are most neededThis opt-in option opens. I am happy, even if not spotted. I'm going back to my house, but it's not time to celebrate, but to work screw your shirt so U can go on, "he said.

In regard to autonomy, pointed out that "We are guaranteed to establish what we believe should be doneWe are happy with this and the sport project we will be leading.decisions are taken by the board "

"We will set up a sports committee and inform the board of alternatives, and the board will decide," he said.

For the project itself, "Polaco", who froze his work as a communicator at cooperative, Fox Sports and La Tercera, explained that "it is being developed, but the common lines are fully approved".

"We have a description of what can be done, it needs to be approved before its implementation, it's a medium-term view with clear strategic objectives and a methodology of work," he said.

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