Thursday , November 26 2020

Rodrigo Herrera's woman just wants to end her relationship with the journalist

The step of the former boss Tatiana Merino for Chile did not leave a doll with his head. Invited by the program of show programs and entertainment Foreground of Chilliwon, former lover of the humorous Álvaro Salas, has unpublished information about some known,

One of them was sports commentator Rodrigo Herrerawhich He was accused by Merino of hiding his mistress.

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On this occasion, the showman said, "I know the lady: she has a terrible time and he continues to say he is the only one. Now, Rodrigo, take the batteries! Moreover, I had a mistake in your house! Really! "He said, unfolding a hecatmob which even cost Herrera's marriage and health.

After broadcasting the program the journalist gets sick in the clinic, according to the Glamorama Entertainment Portal.

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In a conversation with the program "Violence" wife Dennis Flores pointed out that "today I focus on my son and that the divorce comes out as soon as possible, that's all I can tell you", adding that speculation about their relationship is hidden from society "it has never been so."

This was never a request (hiding the link), the claim is that few people have come to marriage, but not that it was hidden. It was not like that, "he said.

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