Sunday , January 24 2021

Roman Ricelme has praised Marcello Diaz in a reflection on what football is all about | football

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The idea that everyone was waiting for Boca Juniors to lose the Copa Libertadores final against Ray Platt, Juan Roman Rykelme. The maximum idol in the history of the xeneize club has won three of the six Libertadores that Boca has in its showcases.

Recognizing that he regrets that Boca Juniors was left with the desire to raise the seventh Copa Libertadores de America, the exvolnant speaks of what he saw in the team led by Guillermo Barroso Selootto during the final match.

Whether the Colombian thinks Edwin Cardona Missing in Boca Juniors, Riquelme walks to argue before answering. Remember that during the last games Barros Sheloth gave up the Colombian who was not called or the bank.

"I like players who get angry when they lose the ball", commented Riquelme. "Football is played with a ball." The best way to defend yourself is if I have this, if you have, you can not attack me, "continued the former youth.

After explaining that it is not possible to be surprised when some players like Naichan Nadez and Wilmar Barrios are losing the ball because it is something that can be expected, the former player explained the opposite to this situation.

"I like those players who catch it (the ball), they want it all the time, they always try to give a good pass, they give you the ball so you can give it again …it's not that they give you the ball and fix it ", Riquelme reflected in a conversation with Fox Sports Radio Argentina.

"Look at" Racing "5, Chilean Diaz … does not give you the ball until you can get it back: it's football for me", finishes "10" who, in the Chilean booklet, sees one of the best definitions of football personalization.

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