Wednesday , January 20 2021

Saavedra was exploited and the injury was more serious than expected

The flyer intervened at the San Carlos de Apocindo clinic and would have a recovery time of approximately three months.

Only a few minutes he could play before Sports Temuko Ignacio SaavedraThe young driver received a severe violation from Mathias Riquero and had to be replaced.

Five days after the meeting Saavedra was employed in San Carlos Apoquindo Clinic of Red Salud UC CHRISTUS.

"The trauma he has presented is a heavy influx of medial suspension on the right knee, with a complete removal of the connection that has caused him to undergo surgical intervention to reconstruct the relationship."informs the place.

The intervention lasted for 120 minutes and Saavedra will have a recovery time of approximately three months, so it is totally excluded for South American under 20 which will begin next month in the country.

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