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Salah has always been the goal of Real Madrid

There is no doubt that Mohammed Salah is among the Top 10 players in the worldmaybe in the middle 5, and since last week has been associated with real Madridand that is, there may be a point in favor that would help the white club when it comes to signing the Egyptian.

The Egyptian said in his day that his two soccer idols are Francesco Totti and Ronaldo NazarioYou should keep in mind that when you make these statements you have played in Romedetails that may affect him when he mentions it Totti, but not so Ronaldo, (The coach who can sign the Italian team)

Ronaldo (the good guy, the fat man, call him what you want) has played in different teams like ornter or Barça throughout his career, but where more matches he played in real Madrid, The Brazilian was playing 127 coincidences with the shirt of the best club in the world. Where does it take us all? Well, this Salah, declared a fan of "RonnieSince any player fan follows his matches, the Egyptian had to see several matches of Madridsomething that you usually get a sympathy for a team.

So, if real Madrid You really are interested Mohammed Salahand Liverpool This summer, maybe the team shell thorn be the one who has the most bulletins to get the services of maximum a player who scores a goal from Prime Minister of the last two years,

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