Monday , January 18 2021

Samsung closes one of its mobile factories in China

China's question against the world grabs a new predecessor, and South Korean Samsung has shut down one of its most important mobile factories in that country.

According to Reuters, the operations of this company have ceased, given the strong competition of competitors in this market, where it is practically impossible to maintain the pace.

Samsung's move zone has been declining for some time in China, although it shows positive symptoms in other regions and is ranked number one in the world.

The company said:

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the efficiency of our manufacturing sites, Samsung Electronics has taken the complex decision to cease trading in Tianjin Samsung Electronics Telecommunication.

There are 2,600 employees that Samsung promises will try to move to other areas or factories of the company after their work is not required at the end of the year. They will also be adequately compensated and will have the opportunity to go anywhere, they say.

As for other Samsung factories in this country, such as Huizhou in the south, it will continue to work normally, although the feeling of instability is obvious.

According to market analysts specializing in this area, the Chinese labor force is very expensive compared to Vietnam or India, so keeping it out of the market share that Samsung has in this country is not worth it.

The Tianjin Factory produces 36 million mobile phones per year. Those in Vietnam together make 72 million units at a much lower price.

Perhaps this is the beginning of the Samsung mobile phone download in China.

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