Friday , January 15 2021

Sandra O'Reil joined Pacto de Sangre community

Blood covenant every day surprises its viewers who can not escape the magical history that surrounds Benjamin, Markos, Gabriel, and Raimundo.

The followers of Channel 13 nightlife are always aware of every new detail that appears to share their theories about it. Now they were looking at something that many did not consider: the new discovery showed up the name of the actress who joined the production.

It is Sandra O'Rean, which last appeared in May last year at Pasapalabra, while his last appearance in television was in 2014 It's worth Pena on the same channel.

So far, it is not known what role the reality of the actress and the exhique will play, but she is supposed to play an attorney for Ignacio, son of Trinidad and Benjamin.

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