Sunday , May 16 2021

Senator Girardi wants to sanction Carozzi for …

The Parliamentarian accuses the pasta of "conducting a permanent communication campaign" that aims to "distort and distort" public health policy, such as the Labeling Act.

Senator Guido Girardi, chair of the Senate Health Commission and author of the Nutrition Labeling Act, attended this visa with the Metropolitan Health Regional Secretariat (Seremi), where, together with Hernan Calderon, chairman of the National Consumer and Consumer Corporation (Conadecus), filed a complaint against Carousel "for attacking children's health."

The parliamentary and socialist leader blamed the pasta company "you are conducting a permanent communication campaign" , which aims to "distort and distort" public health policy such as the Labeling Act.

"Article 53 of the Sanitary Code is very clear and prohibits the development of any kind of campaign, dissemination or propaganda that raises questions and generates questions about public policies related to prevention"Girardy explained.

"It is clear that the law is violated, and we want the authorities to give a clear signal that no matter how powerful they are or the political pressure they can exercise, everyone must comply with the law in force", emphasizes the legislator.

The parliamentarian explained this "Chile has one of the highest experiences in childhood obesity and overweight, as well as in adults, causing pathologies that are the main causes of death, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and complications of hypertension and diabetes."

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"Prevention is the best strategy, and the Chilean National Congress has, by a vast majority, endorsed a public policy for this purpose and is considered an effective tool to prevent obesity." WHO-FAO experts made a book with this initiative to serve as a model for other countries in the world to follow ""said the senator.

Girardi recalled the initiative "It is prepared by the Academy of Sciences, the Chilean Pediatrics and Nutrition Societies, and has extensive technical assistance."

Senator PPD noted that "most of the industry has complied with the law, but others are not. We respect the right of opinion, but Karozzi is far beyond that and has developed specific propaganda actions to misrepresent and deceive. In December 2016, they funded "individuals" to say that the law was bad, confusing public opinion and children. The whole science world told them "stop lying," and they had to retire him.

The legislator added that in June last year "They are virging another campaign through social networks-which goes beyond the right to say-that stamps do not work at 100 grams and must be in parts that can be manipulated and thus avoided."

"We do not think an industry that is alleged to be serious is publishing on La Tercera on Saturday 17th that the assessment of the law is negative and on Sunday its president (Gonzalo Bofil) says that it needs to change", the legislator said.

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"On the following day, Health Minister Emilio Santezles gave an assessment from the universities in Chile, Diego Portales and North Carolina, which said that consumption of soft drinks decreased by 25% and 9% on cereals and relies on very high approval of citizenship in the recognition of seals, " the parliament said.

For the legislator "One thing is the right of opinion and the other is to develop a coordinated campaign that is actually a policy against the children of this country." It seems unacceptable that instead of adjusting to the law, like everyone else, try that the law meets your interests. "

That's what Jirardy said "It is not possible to maximize their profits by blocking and questioning government policy so that there is no sealing and selling trash in apparently healthy packaging and making them misleading."


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