Sunday , May 16 2021

Sergio Ramos reveals doping at the end of the 2017 Champions League

The Soccer Lakes Football Platform revealed on this day the fact has come out all over the world: Real Madrid's defender and captain, Sergio Ramos, he would have made two irregularities that would have serious consequences for him.

As reported by the platform that received access to several documents, the player was raining before anti-doping control was made following the duel between Real Madrid and Malaga on April 15th. By doing so, he violated the Spanish law, which considers that a shower or bath can be understood as a "lock" for control.

In the same way, he added that the Spanish anti-doping agency (AEPSAD) informed the team five months after the incident, which caused a certain stir in the club, although the agency admitted that "the process has not indicated any violation of any anti- doping law ".

The second violation, however, would be much more serious. And that is, football leaks He noted that at the Champions League final in June 2017, when Real Madrid was removed from Juventus by Turin, the defender found traces of a substance called Dexamedonas. A strong corticoid that is not illegal but needs to be informed about its use, which has not been done.

In this aspect, Real Madrid's medical team took the responsibility and explained that the defense had received two injections of that substance on the same day of the game, one knee and one shoulder. UEFA believes the doctors' answer is valid.

Real Madrid did not answer the questions of the football draws platform on this issue.

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