Sunday , January 24 2021

Shakira in trouble: will face a complaint of billionaire fraud in the treasury Television and exhibitions

For her it is like torture, and certainly when he realized he was left with him Eyes open, because the sum is so that everyone who owes it is Blind, deaf and silent,

Whether a Colombian citizen has to face a tax fraud case in Spain, which is faced by the tax office, the Internal Revenue Service, who has already set up a stratospheric figure.

The investigation blames the singer for cheating on the Spanish Hacienda between 2012 and 2014. 14 and half million euros,

To get an idea that is equivalent in national currency, the insignificant amount of 11,000 137 million 281 thousand 111 pesosMore than one salary reguleque No?

According to El Pais, the reason for the investigation file is that Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripul has not established her residence in this country since 2011 when she was taught her romantic relationship with her husband, Gerard Pique.

Shakira | Instagram

Shakira | Instagram

The tax agency claims to have lived in Barcelona since then, and the law therefore establishes that if a citizen spends half the year (plus one day) in Spain, he must be considered as a resident and therefore subject to tax,

According to the Spanish Ministry of Finance, Waka Waka he pretended to live in the Bahamas to avoid paying taxes. What do you think?

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