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Shayna Baszler makes things clear to Cody after "Fight for the Fallen" Superluchas

The AEW's strategy in her WWE war is still bright. And yesterday, the Fight for the Fallen was a turning point in this respect. A new show, which can be followed for free and specifically dedicated to the victims of firearms, with funds for this group. Match? Of course not. Remember, Donald Trump, a friend of the old Far West law, is a close friend of McMahons. and if some strangers have not yet fallen into this concealed ideological conflict, Cody was responsible for memorizing him at the end of the eventThough it is a follow-up, Shaina Bazller wanted to clarify things.


These were the words of the AEW Vice President during the closing of the Fight For Fallen.

"I do not know if we're still in the air, but I'll say that. You can not oppose what the Elite struggle does. Maybe you can fight me, maybe you can oppose Nick Jackson or Brandy Rhodes. But you know what? You can not resist the love, the true feeling, the damned revolution that is an Elite struggle!

a a reference to the WWE's EVOLVE show (EVOLVE 10th Anniversary) decision for the first time on the same day and at the same time as the third AEW event, A movement that has already had an angry criticism of Kenny Omega at the time, who in turn has made mention of the "bloody money" of the deal the US giant has signed with Saudi Arabia.

but Bazller, now dressed as Seth Rollins, masquerading as Roman Reigns, published a juicy message on Twitter,

"The battles are won by a fighter who walks three steps ahead,

"See: WWE PPVs are scheduled in advance when they are announced,

"Also: definition of "counteraction" = action that happens after receiving a hit"

And "sabotage" certainly does not end here. Because the addition of Fox's interest in the NXT in FS1 and Vince McMahon's taste to compete with every possible rival, he is almost singing that the "president" will offer the chain that the golden mark serves as a special workhorse on Wednesday night, Strip, guess what, where the weekly AEW program will be broadcast on TNT in October.

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