Sunday , June 13 2021

Smoking weakens the immune system and causes chronic lesions of the lungs

respiratory diseases
Tobacco consumption causes a higher incidence of chronic lung damage as well as respiratory illnesses during the cold season. Photo: illustrative

In addition to the predisposition of smokers to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and all types of cancer, tobacco consumption causes a higher incidence of respiratory illness during the cold season.

The above was stated by the head of the Emergency Assistance Department at the IMSS Hospital in Halicia, Ramon Ivan de Dios Perez, who emphasized that smoking weakens the immune system.

He explained that the cigar contains about 200 highly toxic chemicals, which inhalation, even passive smokers, weaken the immune system as well as irritate and irritate all parts of the respiratory system from the inside of the nose to the lungs. what decreases and even avoids smoking is the most recommended.

This is a permanent disability that facilitates the transmission of diseases that are characteristic of the winter season caused by either viruses or bacteria. If the patient does not take the necessary care, the cold or the throat infection may be aggravated to get pneumonia, says the specialist.

Urgencioglogo warns that smoking habit causes chronic lung damage to the extent that it causes them to lose flexibility so that they become less able to take oxygen, leading not only to respiratory problems but also to other types of blood circulation and even hearty.

"This means that the patient will be more and more difficult to carry out his everyday activities because he will quickly get tired, feel short of breath, and speed up other diseases that already have or are predisposed to, such as chronic- degenerative diseases.The damage is progressive and irreversible, he said.

It is recommended that the population, in addition to seeking specialized help to stop smoking, go to a consultation with your family doctor for any symptom that compromises respiratory capacity, for example, when there is chronic cough, fatigue even over short distances, because it can be COPD,

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