Tuesday , January 19 2021

Social networks criticize "cheat" chefs Jan Ivine and Enio Carrot

This Saturday, CHV's divine food had a special head, as guests were famous chefs Eniko Carrot, Danny Castro, Jan Ivine and Carola Castro.

The four tried to surprise their guests and judge who was the best host of the night. While many are glad to see this meeting, others criticize French Jan Ivine and Italian Enio Carrot.

They both questioned Carola Castro's ability, and they were more satisfied with the chef's winner's first season, and also analyzed every detail of his performance, even on the labels of the newly purchased dishes.

But the most criticized was that the French chef did not want to eat some of the preparation because he did not like them or because he thought it was not traditional, for example, coffee with dessert.

Finally, some believe that justice is done because Jan Ivin is the loser of this chapter.

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