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Spotify announces that it will remove or remove users who use ad blockers – Technology and science

© Twitter Spotify announces that it will remove or remove users using ad blockers

The new changes will take effect on March 15, 2019. Tvn


The most popular streaming music program in the world, Spotify, announced on Monday that there will be some changes to the terms of use of the service. Well, the company has confirmed this advertisers will not be allowed or deceptive actions in the app,

"We will update our user guides to make it clear that no ad blockers, bots, and fraudulent streaming activities are allowed", the company explained by a message sent to each user.


This means that programs like Adblock, Ad Muncher, UBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, AdGuard or Ghostery can not be used. If the user does not comply with the measure, the company mentions it "may result in termination or immediate suspension of your Spotify account",


In addition, the company explained that automatically:

– Changes have been made to the overall level so that the Terms of Use are clearer and easier to understand;

– Updated subscriptions, apps, and devices information from third parties included;

– Our branding guidelines have been simplified and an updated link to the Spotify Terms of Service (Customer Service) has been included.

– This update has not made any changes to our privacy policy.


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