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Steve Kerry has doubts whether the man came to the moon, which forced NASA to answer – BBC News

Steve Kerry has doubts whether the man came to the moon, which forced NASA to answer

The star of the Golden State questioned whether this man ever reached the Moon and joined those who believe in one of the most popular conspiracy theories in the United States.

First was Iker Cassylas and now is Stephen Curry.

When the Icelandic goalkeeper made his Twitter profile last July that he did not believe that the man had stepped on the moon nearly 50 years ago, he created such a wave that many fans and even National Geographic magazine had interfered to make him see cause,

But this week the Star of Gold State Warriors expressed similar skepticism on a radio show where, along with other basketball players questioned the historic moment of Neil Armstrong's landing, on 21 July 1969

One of the hosts of the show, Kent Bazemore, even mentioned the film director Stanley Kubrick, who is often the protagonist of one of the most popular conspiracy theories in American culture.

Among people who do not believe the person has reached the moon, there are people who claim that NASA, a desperate attempt to show success from his Apollo missions, he hired the director to show he had reached the moon.

Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin is the second human being to step into the moon, but many believe this is an installation shot in the Nevada desert.

This version has never been tested, and the space agency usually does not pay attention to these theories, but since the suspicion arises from a figure like Kerry, it felt that a reaction was needed.

"There is a lot of evidence NASA has done unloading 12 US astronauts between 1969-1972"Alan Beutel, spokesman for NASA, said in a statement.

"We would be delighted that Mr. Curry will visit our lunar laboratory at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, perhaps the next time the warriors will be in town to play against missiles."

NASA Control Center
NASA invited Kerry to visit her Space Center in Houston.

"We have hundreds of pounds of lunar rocks that are stored there and the Apollo mission control center. During your visit you can see firsthand what we did 50 years ago, and what are we doing now to get back to the Moon in the years to come, but this time to stay. "

Carey responded to the smiley smile invitation shared with more than 13 million followers without clarifying whether his words were joking or that he was not really convinced of the evidence NASA had.

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