Wednesday , August 17 2022

Stock exchanges in the world come into force before the possibility of "significant" stimulus from the ECB


Markets react strongly when they are aware of the intentions of the European Central Bank to revive the economy of the Old Continent.

Investors responded with encouragement on the last day of the week following statements made yesterday by Finnish Central Bank President Olli Rehn after an interview he gave to The Wall Street Journal and mentioned that the European Central Bank (ECB) is preparing to present a stimulus package in September to revive the economy of the Old Continent.

The above is in addition to the statements made by Beijing and Washington, who were optimistic about negotiating a trade war that held the two forces against each other. Even US President Donald Trump said he expects the conflict to be brief and will soon have a phone conversation with his Chinese counterpart.

In this scenario, major Asian exchanges closed with little progress after experiencing hectic days as a result of protests in Hong Kong that threatened to hit the UK and Chinese economies, thereby leading Hong Kong to 0, 94%. The Chinese continental indicator CSI 300 was up 0.45%, and the Japanese Nikkei rose 0.06%.

The package, which will be presented by the ECB in September, has revived European markets after investors found refuge in gold and bonds to face the turmoil in recent days. Currently, all continent indicators are working positively. Ibex in Madrid is the leader among its peers with an advance of 1.30%, followed by a pan-European increase of Euro Stoxx 50 by 1.19%. The French CAC with the German DAX did not lag behind and expanded 1.06% and 1.03%.

The British FTSE 100 experienced a two-hour delay in its opening due to technical failures already resolved, as indicated by London. However, in the UK, they seem to be leaving bad times after touching at least six months before concerns about the escalation of the China-US trade war and their parting with the European Union. Everything seems to be lagging behind and is increasing by 0.61% today.

Chile joins the global trend

Returning after a vacation to Chile – not so much in the world – the Santiago Stock Exchange is catching up with the global upswing that global squares experienced yesterday, which continue today after expectations of new stimulus for economies and the hopes of a trade agreement.

IPSA SP operated with a 0.25% increase in its first operations, so it was quoted at 4 793.14 points.

On the day Cencosud points out that it is up 2.99%, recovering part of what was lost in the Argentine crisis, as the depreciation of the Argentine peso after last Sunday's mainstream led investors to punish the book related to Horst Paulman.

Other highlights of the day are White Gold, which rises by 3.13%, and Nueva Polar, which rises by 3.04%.

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