Sunday , May 16 2021

Stops anti-doping rules: the serious charge against Sergio Ramos, which revealed football leaks – International Football

© AFP. The serious accusation against Sergio Ramos, which revealed football leaks

The information specified that the Spanish defender of Real Madrid has violated anti-doping rules twice: in the Champions League final of 2017 and in a match this year. TVN


This Friday was a new serious charge Football is running, which indicates directly Sergio Ramos,

According to revelations known in recent times, the Spanish defender would fail twice the anti-doping rules,

Soccer ran out details that the player on Real Madrid I was going to give positive for dexamethasone after the end of Champions League of UEFA 2017 where "maneuvers" broke Juventus in Wales.

Moreover, the revelation adds this the Doctor of Madrid admitted that Ramos had twice injected the aforementioned substance in the knee and shoulder on the day before the match,

Finally, it was mentioned that the player also missed the rules in April 2018 after the match between Real Madrid and Malaga, since at that time the defender would be exposed before performing the anti-doping test – a situation that is strictly forbidden.

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