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Streamline your memory, painting!

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Streamline your memory, painting!

draw up This is one of the activities that most of us have been fond of since childhood, but most of us left it as we grew up. Maybe it's time to retake your classes I paint because it's good for your memory.

According to a study by the University of Waterloo, the people they draw (no matter whether it is professional or amateur) they have found this They show better memory capacity. Which would turn this activity into an alternative to designing therapies for prevention and treatment dementia.

The study was conducted in young and old people, dividing and comparing the technique of writing against draw up attributes of a list of objects. The idea was to remember a greater number of words. When the assessment time comes and the ability to remember the words. Participants making drawings are better remembered, with a more noticeable tendency for adults.

These are the recommendations for improving oursmemory:

Stay mentally active: i. to look for activities that stimulate your mind and help your brain.

socialize: Living together with others helps reduce the likelihood of depression and stress, two reasons that form an important burden in memory loss.

Organize: Define a place for your things, update your calendar, repeat your tasks and how to do it. This helps your brain to maintain more ideas.

Sleep well: The dream is very repaired, so your brain needs seven to eight hours a day.

These recommendations, along with a healthy diet and workout, will make you memory be flexible and healthy. Find your drawing classes and give your brain more vitality!

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