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Summary: Collo Colo and La Calera are pointers, UC missed home and U is still in crisis

Colo Colo and Union La Calera are the big winners of the second date of the National Championship, after remaining as the only six-point leaders after winning a second victory. On the other hand, UC, the current champion and the University of Chile fell and started to be abandoned,

Albos won his first home win in this tournament after winning 1-0 University of ConcepcionThe result, which also allowed them to win back home, a fact that has not happened since last August when they defeated U.

For their part, "cementeros" became strong during their visit Everton, and beat the "rolls" by 2-1 in a duel that confirms his great local moment in Copa Sudamerica, where he goes on the way to Chapecoen,

As far as university profitability has not been optimal since then U. Católica, current Chilean football champion, surrendered to Deportes Iquique in San Carlos, U. de Chile failed to visit O'Higgins, also falling on the minimum account and remaining only one point in the tournament.

Victory of Spanish Union 2-1 over Antofagasta, on Palestinian 3: 1 against Wacipato, on Audax Italiano 2: 1 against Cobresal and the draw is between Kuriko and Kokimbo, they finished with 16 goals.

Results and fixtures for the second date of the National Championship:

Positions table:

Top scorers:


The first championship will consist of 16 teams that will play a long tournament of 30 dates with two-way matches.

While the teams will meet twice in the same year, there is no mirror system between the dates between the first wheel and the second wheel.

With respect to the champion, the team that finished in the first position after the end of the last day of the competition will retain the crown. In that way, the sets down to the first B will be those that occupy the 15th and 16th place.

Classification to international cups

The Chilean clubs who finish the tournament in the top three positions will enter the Copa Libertadores Coppola 2019, while Chile 4 will be the champion of Copa Chile.

On the other hand, national troops ending between fourth and seventh place will get seats for the Coppa Condo Sudada Americana 2019.

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