Thursday , January 28 2021

#TAG 334 Mi Store, we follow the Huawei case and the most innovative phones

Our tour of brand new My Xiaomi Mexico Store He left us the price list for the launch products of this Chinese technology boutique. Matouk introduces this list to you to think about whether you will indulge in these epochs.

Instruction for creating your own video games without programming in #Pickeles

We also update all the information on the issue between Huawei and the United States (among others, Did you notice that China has banned the sale of the iPhone?). We're also reviewing the most innovative phones since 2018.

To end #TAG, Matuk looks at the strange case of the technological Nostradamus. Douglas Engelbart, who 50 years ago with Mother of All Demos predicts technologies such as Apple Macintosh, Internet, Windows, Google Docs, video conferencing platforms, mouse, and so on.

Mother of all demos:


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