Tuesday , July 27 2021

Tenso: Palestinian president questions ANFP public report and requests details of Rueda's contract

Today, ANFP held an extraordinary Presidents' Council, which, among other things, was approved to stop the national tournament on the 14th date, so Reynoldo Rueda had more time to work with local players for Copa America.

also, Quilin made the public report, which was seriously challenged by Palestinian President Jorge Uauy.

But the Arab club helmsman did not stay there, and in case of doubts about the confidentiality clauses, He consulted the details of Reinaldo Rueda's contract as the technical director of Chile's national team.

correct, Uauy asked about the possibility of assessing the continuity of the La Roja coach based on the results obtained in Copa America and the project that the coach has in the future for the next challenges.

In reply, ANFC president took the floor, Sebastian Moreno, who did not give the details he asks for a tense moment.

On February 8 (Rueda), he met with Palestinian coaching staff and explained the project correctly, what the Copa America blockade did last year. We can repeat this presentation, you can ask your technical body or explain it to you. " Moreno said.

"I'm not a Palestinian coach, what I'm talking about from the point of view of the council is to know if it's worth an exit clause for Copa America under contract, Wowie was convicted.

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