Wednesday , February 1 2023

Tere Custer talks about his infidelity in front of Gabriel Martin: "I needed it"


Tere a cluster he referred to the moment he went unfaithful to your partner 6 years ago, Gabriel Martin we can talk in the program ChilevisiónThe model was having an affair with one of her peers in the reality show. I would resist while still a friend of the Argentine actor.

"In my defense I will say that I had no connection either, it was restraint, accompaniment because I needed it (…) It's very different to be in love and have a relationship like the one I have with him (Gabriel) with what happened there. It really was a restriction there, but my love is Gabriel"Kuster said.

"He knows me a lot, he knows who I am, who I am not, why I acted like that (…)It was unconscious, I was not related to mewho I was with, ”the model added

Kuster said his conditions of detention affect his actions. Although he knew what he was facing after signing a previous contract, he emphasized that "it is one thing to read the contract and sign it, and it's another thing to experience it".

"For me, it was an experience I wanted to unlock. For me, it was a showcase"I thought I was psychologically prepared, but no," concluded the ex-girlfriend of the reality show.

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