Thursday , June 24 2021

Tesla will soon release "Dog Mode" to prevent pets from getting hot in their cars

It will come along with a new security feature called "Sentry Mode".

Elon Musk has announced that this week, Tesla will launch an update that will add the so-called "Dog Mode", which aims to protect pets from passing heat to the manufacturer's carsthrough BusinessInsider).

In October last year, a man asked Musk whether it would be possible to include dog mode in Tesla Model 3 where the music is playing, the air conditioner switched on and the message "I'm fine, my owner will come back soon"and the executive responded positively.

Now we have that Musk has revealed this the update is ready and this will arrive this week along with a new security feature called "Sentinel Mode".

According to the source, "Sentinel Mode" will make classical music sound very strong at the moment the car finds that someone is trying to get into effect.

PErro mode

It undoubtedly draws attention to the dog regime, as we have heard many stories about the death of pets caused by the intense heat in the summer vehicles.

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