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Tesla's shares crash over Elon Musk (again)

Elon Musk is becoming an unpredictable factor for Tesla Motors' financial future.

Elon Musk is a reference for the modern technology industry. This is undeniable for many. But it is also likely that within Tesla Motors they are not so pleased with his personality; and the consequences this brings for the business.

According to the reports CBS News shares of the car company suffered a heavy downturn. Move to USD $ 195.25 per share.

This will be the most serious crash that Tesla Motor has suffered for more than two years. But the funniest thing is that everything is attributed to Elon Musk himself and to an explosive financial analysis directed against him.

Delorean Tesla Elon Muskus

Dan Ives, a financial company analyst, Wedbush, has published this delicate document confirming that the distraction of Elon Musk in his "science fiction projects" threatens Tesla's ability to generate profits:

With a red code situation in Tesla, Musk and Company. it extends to insurance, robototax and other projects / science fiction when the company instead has to focus as a laser to support the central demand for Model 3.

Due to these factors, the company broke down the Tesla stock market forecasts. He estimated that his stock would cost an average of $ 275, and now he revalued them for only $ 230.

This has led to a response from investors and brokers. Abandoning the expectations of the stock market a little for the company.

Eve's point of view is relatively reasonable. It seems that it has further changed the delicate balance in Tesla Motors.

Elon Musk will certainly have something to say.

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