Saturday , June 19 2021

The 11-year-old girl surprised the participants "Roho" with her incredible voice – Shaw and culture

The 11-year-old girl surprised the participants

Arrived from Kalama on the "Red Holiday" Tvn


The participants were completely surprised "Red on vacation" once An 11-year-old girl will appear on the show and show her incredible talent.

Serely stable he came from Kalama to the interpretation program "Before You" by Mon Laferte and then "It Was Hard" by María José Quintanilla., with which He won the applause of everyone present.

According to Sereli's father, the girl sings from the age of 4, so she's been working on her talent for a long time.

Social network users also highlighted the girl's vocal talent. ensures that it even sings better than several members of the space.

This is not the first time Serely has drawn attention since he was presented in the last Tetleton, influencing his imitation of Mon Laferte.

Check out Serely's performance here:

Only 11 years showed his talent in "Rojo"


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