Monday , January 18 2021

The AMLO government warns of the risks of influenza with the Pikachu image

MICSICO CITY, Dec. 9 (UNIVERSAL) – With Pikachu surprised by the message, "When you say that, unlike normal colds, the flu can be deadly," the Department of Health has invited all Mexicans to apply a vaccine against the respiratory disease they have taken the lives of 63 people.

In social networks, the agency shares the image of the Pokemon hero and reiterates that "the vaccine is free, safe and effective and is the best defense for vulnerable groups such as children, adults and pregnant women."

In the winter season, 31 million doses of vaccine will be administered, and it is recommended that the population be placed before the end of 2018 as viruses circulate with greater intensity during the last week of December and the first half of January.

In addition to the vaccine, there are five measures to prevent influenza and other respiratory diseases. It is recommended to consume food, fruits and vegetables with vitamin C, often wash your hands, perform a sneeze label, in the case of difficulty breathing or fever, higher than 38 degrees, go to the doctor immediately and not to treat yourself.

The latest epidemiological bulletin reported that 936 cases of influenza were accumulated from 30 September to 6 December, of which 747 correspond to AH1N1, 120 to B, 55 to A and 14 to AH3N2. While of the 63 deaths 53 were for AH1N1, 5 for influenza B and 5 for type A.

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