Saturday , May 8 2021

The anecdote reveals how strong Ronda Rousse is

When a fighter or a fighter tells an anecdote about himself or his partner always It is interesting because they are often stories that few people knowIn many cases, they make us see a little further, part of their life or lifestyle, which is usually not shown.

At the beginning of last month, The clerk made this talk about Mark Henry,

"(…) One day, during a tour, we left the hotel and took the bus in the morning for a four-hour trip to another city. There was a time when the bus did not have enough room to keep moving because a car had hampered it, The owner was not there, and we did not know what to do, (…) Then Mark Henry learns what's going on: "I'll fix it", He leaves the bus (…) raises the car and pulls it out of the way (…) ".


This time the power speaks, but he does it for Ronda Russi, in An open radio:

"Maybe I should not be the one who will tell this story, but I will. I was talking about getting stem cells to help my knee and my thigh. They were working on me and what they were doing was breaking the thigh bone and removing the bone marrow, They create serum and inject it where necessary. They persuaded me to do it. When I woke up, I felt as painful as any surgery or injury I had,

"Then I heard that Rona Rusei had done the same treatment, but without anesthesia, They pierced their thighs and pulled out the stem cells while she was awakeIt hurts me, but managed to do it. I could not do that. I woke up with so much pain that I asked my sister to get me back to sleep. And she woke him up? This must be considered one of the strongest people in the world".

Speaking of anecdotes, a former WWE fighter he's doing the same thing lately,

Santino Marela and his funny WWE anecdotes

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