Monday , January 18 2021

The best games and new Android apps this week

Best Android Apps

Since we started to choose 61 weeks best apps and best new Android gamesEvery Friday we go into the latest Google Play launches looking for new apps that deserve our full attention to bring something new to the huge catalog of apps that are already stored and to the process that helps you find new tools and games to try over the weekend that's already on us.

On this occasion, and since we have been doing about a year, today we are returning to the load to choose 3 apps and 3 new games which have reached Google Play in the last few days, and it's definitely worth trying.

Android Week Apps

Go to Dream

Go to sleep for Android

If you are one of those who stay until the early hours of the morning by using your mobile phone without knowing when to stop, this app is for you. His work is simple: encourages you to stop using the smartphone at bedtime,

An application whose code is completely open and everyone has access to it, and if they have the necessary knowledge, they change it and create their own alternative careful and minimalist design, and allows the user to choose when to stop using his terminal every day to start falling asleep.

Writing a character

Apps that help us save time and effort we love, and Writing a character This is one of the best we've found this week. This is a useful tool that allows creating text direct paths, which will allow you to write full texts with a few letters.

If, for example, you do not want to write your full email every time you need it, you can create a shortcut that is "miemail," and when you type this word in any system application it will be replaced with the full text , which is configured in the app.

Google Santa Claus

Like every year at that time, Google does not miss your meeting with Santa Claus and leads us its application Google Santa Claus completely renovated, with which you can visit your village and continue around the world. The app is full of mini-games for all audiences and includes the opportunity to create our own Santa Claus elf.

Android Week Games

Absolute enthusiasm

The first option of our selection of games this week is the work of the renowned developer Noodlecake Studios, the creator of the Alto's sack, among many other popular games. In this case, the developers resort to the best they are given: random games, with a race title where we will have to test ours Skidding skills,

7 Days – Decide your story

If your are the graphic adventures, 7 days is the game you have to try this weekendWith fantastic hand-drawn illustrations, this title offers an adventure through conversations, as if it's a messaging app, and where any decision made will influence the development of the story.

Command and conquest: PVP rivals

We have been waiting for this long time and now it is available all over the world and for all users. EA's latest strategy, Command And Conquer, has reached Android to allow us to enter into intense battles with our army and thus get the most control over the end of the war. This is determined by its creators:

"In Command & Conquer: Rivals, the strategy behind your abilities determines victory or defeat: Choose a commander to guide your forces, each with powerful abilities that can influence how you approach the battle and who can decide it. from infantry, tanks, planes and high-tech giants. "

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