Thursday , January 21 2021

The Body Does not Lie program violates human rights

For violation of the dignity of the people exposed in the "The Body Is Not Lying" program on Channel 13 in the sense that their privacy, honor, privacy, presumption of innocence and the right to their own image, the television station was approved by the National Television Council ), following a complaint filed by the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH).

This broadcast is July 2 and is titled "PDI Decryption of Truth". According to the IND – which must be respected in the light of human rights – "it is possible to observe a series of illegal acts and / or abuses against different people."

In line with what INDH said, CNTV believes that "Concessionaire's cameras are abusively interfering with the privacy of people under investigation by police investigators, presenting them with privacy and privacy concerns life, which were then used by Channel 13 to create a television program designed to entertain the audience with a subsequent threat and eventual impact on their image. "

The sanction adds that "violation of fundamental rights – in this case of privacy – would necessarily result in the dignity of those affected by those rights being undermined."

CNTV also believes that "the program has repeatedly violated the safeguards of persons subject to records, which in some cases affect its image and even the presumption of innocence – by describing it as unlawful situations that are not criminal in nature"

"Thus overexposure and spectacular casualties would be negligent, which completely neglects the need to keep sensitive information in order to entertain audiences, overcoming the legitimate exercise of freedom of expression and information," CNTV adds.

In these situations, INDH has asked CNTV to submit Channel 13 that these emissions have violated national and international regulations on respect for human dignity and privacy; reminding you that, as a means of communication, you have an obligation to respect the rights of all people, including people who are subject to immigration control at airports or border crossing points; and that situations such as those described are not repeated through their screens.

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