Sunday , June 20 2021

The caprice of football with the young promise that emigrates to the prime minister

Soccer is more than frivolous. Dennis Suarez He had lived it in his own flesh a few years ago, but this Sunday could have the same sense of longing for a team, gave him an opportunity to debut in professional football when I only had 17 yearsEven though I had minutes in the Celta de Vigo, was placed in one of the big leagues in the English box.

A young 16-year-old Galician shone in the lower categories of Vigo's team. The technical secretariat of the city signed it little more than one million euros and the player has set a course for England. While the idea was that it was part of the subsidiary, it is a fact that Dennis managed to make his debut in the first season in Manchester, although there would be much more opportunities on the part of Roberto Mancini, She began to stand out in the lower categories of selection Spanish in the ranking of the European Sub 17. He shared the costumes with Gerard Deulofeby the way.

Two seasons later Dennis decided to return to Spain, BarcelonaHe spent the 2013-14 campaign on the Catalonian team, but the "culé" directive would soon decide that the player should have minutes at the national summit.

that's why He went to SevilleHe changes heroism with replacement, but this is his first year in one of the big leagues. He was playing 46 coincidences, adding six goals and four assists. Much more consistent and stronger, Dennis and Barca decided to spend another year on a loan, although this time the destination was Villarreal,

With the whole "groguet," the midfielder has become even more important. He disputed 48 meetings and has become a key element in Google 's plans MarcelinoThe necessary push needed to return to Barca, the club I wanted to succeed in.

It was right in Barcelona when he had the first opportunity to measure Manchester City, one of your former teams. He did not have minutes, but the champions gave him the chance to experience his moments as a national football player in an interview with The Guardian. "When I arrived I went to the US with her first team Manchini told me he was happy with me in education and that he will debut in the prime minister, "he said.

"The truth is, when I came back to England, the coach of the affiliate did not know me, and I almost did not play. in my position there was a two-meter player because he was stronger. I spoke to David, the team's team in Spain, and told them that I did not want to go on if things did not change"Then I trained with the first team and played with the team, and the season was very good," Dennis acknowledged.

In the multiple "citizen" he has acquired this role as one of the promises of Spanish football, although Barcelona has failed. To do this, look for minutes at arsenal, your new team. And his debut may be just before Manchester City from Pep Guardiola, Caprichos of football.

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