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The changes that will mark the new year of the Legends League

The Season 2019 of the Legends League season came up with a number of changes in the game.

With a new year in which we continue to develop, we have talked to Riot Nebo, the Riot Games Director of Public Relations and Communications in Latin America, detailing some of the things that come in 2019, new champions, the return of Clash and changes to the league system.

New champions

The first new champion in this year's 2019 came to League of Legends, we talked about Sylas, who is already available and who has the opportunity to steal the final of his rival champions.

But Silas will not be the only one to come this year in the game, two more champions are on their way to the real pool. The next champion will be magic support, and as Juan José tells us, "This is something they have never seen and I think when they see this, they will say" wow! "

He can not give us more details about this character, he continues to describe the third symbol to be released, which corresponds to "Jonah's killer."

Although these three champions will join the game during the year, Juan Jose points out that many more surprises can be expected, especially given this 2019 marks 10 years since the start of the League of Legends.

From bronze to iron

One of the most impressive points of the changes that come in the game is the inclusion of two new leagues on the one hand The bronze will no longer be the lowest to make way for iron. At the other end, although the Challenger will remain the highest, a category called the Grand Master will be created, which will be located between Master and Challenger, and as Juan José tells us he will serve as a "bigger filter during his good players. "

But this inclusion will also result in a change in the number of divisions that each league has, so instead of being five for each, now they will reach four.

Similarly, players can now have role-playing medals, that means someone can be Gold in support and bronze in the ADC, that's because "certain roles depend on another player, not on their abilities"adding that "they will be able to rise to the league, if they are good in their role, if I am very good support, I can become gold in support or platinum so that players can enjoy themselves better" .

Added to the above, there will no longer be one season throughout the year, and the division will be divided into three to avoid playing mainly at the beginning and then at the end, trying to reach the highest rank in one day. "The idea is to have three moments, we will have three divisions that will have prizes, then every three months you will earn seasonal points," Juan Jose mentions that despite the split, they will continue to be part of Season 9.

The return of the collision

Another moment that will mark this 2019 in the Legends League is the return of Clash, the weekend tournaments that will arrive in the first half of this year.

The collision was announced in the middle of 2018, but it was finally withdrawn because of the problems it presented, as Juan Jose, "This was the most appropriate solution when you have a product that is not best suited to your players or your community, you need to pull it out and get back."

As he explains, the way it could be applied is that Riot's mentality is this "We do not do things to do, we do things because we believe they are good."

So he mentions that Clash has returned to the workshop, has been upgraded, and is finally ready to return. "After a few months of many tests around the world, we realized it was time to let it go again."

Clash will allow players to participate in tournaments every 15 days without having to leave their home and receive a few winning prizes such as icons, banners and trophies.

Approaching the community

Among the goals of Riot for this year 2019 is to keep moving closer to the community as they mention while doing so will continue to do much more to create community content and content close to it.

At this point he emphasizes Updating that returns with a new format and strives to be a "channel or means by which players and the community can express themselves, They will be able to send their creations, their questions. According to Juan Jose, they are looking for "the community that owns this program, I think this is one of the most important points you should be dealing with."

But this is not the only way Riot tries to get closer to the players, "we have the Crackguard program, this is a case where new or new players can go to certain groups or communities and find people with whom – says he.

As a group game, no doubt the experience improves when playing with friends or acquaintances, that's why This year's official channel of the League of Legends in Latin America was launched. "At this point, they have more than 80,000 registered players, if you do not have a night to play with Latin American contenders, you can talk about manga, anime, video games, find your duo, the person with whom in the future you will marry, nothing, "he explains.

"These three programs help us to bring society closer to us," he said, adding that they will continue to work with cartoons, strikers and content creators.

Merging Leagues

One of the points that mark the League of Legends professional sphere is the merging of leagues from North and South Latin America. This was questioned by some players and fans and celebrated by others.

Riot tells us that on the first weekend the audience of the glass "fIt was amazing. We've linked about 50,000 people, which means that more than 50,000 people watched the games and this is a record for Latin America and during all the shows, hundreds of thousands of people come and go. "

As he explains, part of this is due to the changes in the teams and to the level they presented at the first meeting. "I was surprised at the level of the teams, we had teams that came as super teams like Isurus Gaming, which was armed with the great stars of Latin America, but there were also some unknowns that many of them had, as in the All Knight case, the new equipment that first brought Korean players. "

What we have seen now (as a result of the merger of leagues) is a larger audience, better sponsors, bigger brands, better teams, new institutions. We build that region does not live one or two years so it's not just a fashion game, but so it is a game that goes beyond the generations that in five years I can sit with my nephew to see the date of Liga Movistar Latin America, Juan José tells us.

Unsportsmanlike behavior

Finally, we are talking about a topic that includes all the League of Legends players, namely the aggressiveness and unsportsmanlike behavior of some players. Juan Jose is categorical, claiming that for Riot this is wrong and in the last time they have executed a series of measures to avoid it.

"We have been working in recent months with a system of reports in the game. We increased – we noticed- the level of punishment for these types of things and the lower limit of what is allowed and not allowed. " Also add "As all these systems evolve with virtual machines that are learning more and more, the system needs time to be refined and perfected," so they hope that this year they are already working in Latin America .

As far as Latin America is the worst region in this sense, something common to the community, Juan Jose mentions that players from each region say the same about their regions, but that Riot realizes that the players here are more "partners" of all. "When you look at global events where you always have to have fellowship, play with another person, set your goals, Latin America always shines, always in the first place."

Anyway, he writes that those who say scratch, rudeness, but who "With real information I can say that the players from Latin America are the most friendly among them and we should feel more proud than to say we are the most unbecoming."

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