Thursday , June 17 2021

The company that promises to take the first colony to Mars has gone bankrupt

In 2012, when the Mars One project became known, everyone was talking about it. As reported, then, the first hundred settlers going to Mars in 2025 would be elected.

It was a mission without a return, but within a year of its announcement, there were already 78,000 people around the world.

However, six years later, Mars One Venture AG, based in Switzerland, makes news for a totally different fact: it is bankrupt.

According to the judgment of the Basel Court of Appeal, the company has one month to try to reverse the bankruptcy process.

In a statement issued by the company itself, it can be read as follows: "The total amount of Mars One debts amounts to CHF 1.1 million (approximately EUR 1 million – the equivalent of 748 million Chilean pesos). expressed his intention to reach an agreement with all creditors. "

The company also ensures that the investor is ready to pay the debt and that all details will be released on March 6th.

"For the trip to Mars, the company will continue to seek strategic cooperation with companies and famous organizations involved in the trip to Mars," he said on his website.

As explained in the press release, its goal remains unspoken: it did "the adventure of the people living on Mars, turning the red planet into their new home."

The technical feasibility and the means to carry out the mission have always been questioned by professionals, although in 2015 Mars One reported that it has collected about $ 800,000 for its mission thanks to the volunteers themselves.

But that year, Joseph Roche, one of the 100 finalists, condemned the process of selecting future Martian colonists for the sole purpose of raising money.

Technical Damage

Several scientists were suspicious of the project. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) even calculated in 2015 that due to failures in Mars' design, settlers would die within 68 days of their arrival.

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