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The complex competition that will face the Cami Recabarren and JP Cretton | TV and show

This Monday, July 22 at 4:30 pm, Cillivan will have the premiere Your life, your story, his new space for interviews and interviews by Jean Philippe Creton and Camilla Recabarren.

The bet will be risky in a different format and will have two blocks: in the first, the guest will be interviewed based on what is coming out of it on Google and their social networks.

Cretan will be responsible for conducting the conversation while Recabarren will be responsible for searching the Internet for those topics that were most commented by the guest on the web.

The second block will be a conversation that will have a different participant every day. Among them will be Pablo Aguilera, Eli de Casso and Paulina Rohas. Each of them will add a topic for debate.

Also, on Wednesday, there will be a special participant who will be a Chilean that was part of a historic event from which the information available on the Internet will be collected.

According to Alexis Zamora, Executive Producer of The Your life, your story, This new format of Chilevisión is the main guest on the internet information screen. What we will do is that animators will include Google search as a central axis of the interviews that will make the guests, this will complement the conversation and provide a new and fun element of the program. "

Meanwhile, the animator says he can not be happier with the project. "I am very happy to do a program that is related to interviews and conversations, especially in the area where I feel most comfortable. In these 12 years of work in television I have never worked at that time so it will be a breakthrough and a great professional challenge."he added.

On the other hand, Recabarren shows that "I am very happy that the team is my accountant."This is one of the most important challenges in my life as it creates a career in communications. Which I suppose will be full of learning. "

Difficult competition

The project will not have an easy way, as it will be on a schedule that has gradually become quite competitive.

Without going further, he will stand up Hidden Truths, that with two years on the screen remains unbeatable in the rating. For this too, repeat Love to the Catalonian Channel 13 and Love to die by TVN.

It should also be noted that other programs that have had the premiere at such a time have failed to achieve good results. Just remember More than two with Jose Miguel Vinuela and Claudia Conserva; and For youwith Christian Sanchez and Maria Luisa Godo, both of TVN. A separate case is that of The judge, who had been in CHV for years.

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