Thursday , May 13 2021

The controller denies the army chief commander

on The controller denied to Chief Commander of the Army, Ricardo Martinez, after a secret record was issued, in which the general spoke to 900 officers at the Military School for the Judicial Accounts for Travel and Illegal Diary of the Institution.

In the activity recorded on Tuesday, Martinez said: "We do everything possible from human nature to the Office of the Chief Controller of the Republic – and that I have used for myself – to understand the context of trips to the military academy and Polytechnic Academy in such a way that these decisions are not implemented or implemented. "

"I spoke to the controller (Jorge Bermudez), the controller understood the reasons, but it seems that someone opposed "he added.

From the Controller's Office, they presented a different version: the meeting was held on March 16 and lasted exactly 30 minutes, focus only on protocol greetings.

They say there was no request for paralysis of court decisions.

In addition, the Inspector's Office points out that there are 10 such trials in the army.

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