Wednesday , January 27 2021

The controversial and abusive clause that has contracted Chamberlain in Arsenal | football

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Paul Ellis I Agence France Presse

In England, a controversial clause has been announced that hurt the midwife Alex Okslad – Chamberlain while playing at Arsenal.

As can be seen from the book "The Transfer Market: Hidden Stories" by Irish writer Alan Gerron, when "Gunners" bought the player, Southampton He made the condition that if he played for more than 20 minutes, Arsenal had to pay him an extra fee.

This is why the midfielder seldom played a starting match in the warship team.

"According to Alex Okejza-Chamberlain's transfer to Arsenal in 2011, fans of the Gunner team were very disappointed by the short time the midfielder had played," Gerron wrote.

Chamberlain "was used most of the time as a deputy in the capital, followed by a minute 71. After the details of his contract came out, it became clear: Arsenal was obliged to pay Southampton at 10,000 pounds sterling every time he plays for at least 20 minutes, "he said.

Arsenal fans always criticize the lack of minutes for the player who, in the six years since he was in Arsenal, never recorded more than 17 games as a season starter.

The change was great when he left for Liverpool in 2017, where he had a remarkable performance in his first season.

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