Wednesday , July 28 2021

The daring look that Megan Marl again violated the royal society protocols

Duchess of Sussex is always in the eyes of the press, both because of the fact that he is part of the royal family, and of their daring contemporary appearance.

Megan Marcel usually wears gowns that highlight her pregnancy. But this time it was not that garment that would surprise everyone.

According to New Woman, Megan broke all the protocols and appeared with them torn jeans and high heels,

The Duchess is wearing 6 months of pregnancy and though his look is not "right for royalty," the truth is that he uses a set that combines perfectly as it adds a dark blue coat, sunglasses for aviator, and the bag of the mulberry tree signature.

The dress was chosen to have lunch Christian Jones, her new communications director and Prince Harry, in an exclusive area of ​​London.

As expected, the paparazzi were careful and took Megan's modern look.

See here the image of Megan:

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