Sunday , January 17 2021

The dollar turns the script and closes with a new appreciation against the Chilean peso

The dollar again rebounded against the Chilean peso at the end of trading on Tuesday. The depreciation of the local currency is after the advance in the negotiations between China and the United States, which strengthens the US currency on foreign markets.

At the end of the interbank market, the dollar was quoted at $ 682.9, an increase of $ 2.3 compared to the previous one.

In this way, the national currency ignored the good performance of the copper, a great reference for the Chilean peso. Red Steel Contracts for March rose by 1.75% to $ 2.76 a pound in London due to progress in China-US talks.

In the midst of this climate, greater confidence in the markets, the Dollar Index – a measure that measures the currency against a basket of six currencies in the world – regained ground and gained 0.22% in half a session.

The XTB Latam analyst, Carlos Kuzadah, commented that progress in the trade war led to "increasing the confidence of the US economy, strengthening the US dollar." The local exchange rate broke the resistance of $ 680, corresponding to the strength of the international currency.

How much will the dollar be?

This morning, the results of the Economic Impact Study corresponding to December were published. As for the exchange rate, the surveyed experts did not make any bigger variations compared to the November survey.

The survey kept the dollar forecast at $ 670 for a two-month horizon and $ 660 for eleven months.

Experts are infected with the optimism of the central bank and rising to 3.6% of the Chilean growth forecast in 2019.

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