Thursday , July 29 2021

The driver dies after being hit by the Maipú freight train

a a collective taxi driver dies after being hit by a freight train during an incident registered this morning in Maipú municipality in the metropolitan area.

The incident happened at the intersection of Camino and Melipila with 3 Poniente, confirmed by the captain of Carabinero Matthias Soto.

"Unfortunately, around 6:00 am, a private car that passed past Poniente in the south does not respect the railway signal at the junction of the road and was hit by a freight train going to San Antonio, "he said.

"This vehicle was completely damaged and the driver with a vital risk at the moment, "he added.

in consequence, the driver died when he was transferred to El Carmen Hospital in Maypu.

Traffic has been interrupted in the sector and several deviations have been recorded in the surrounding streets.

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