Monday , August 2 2021

The electric motorcycle will cost half the cost of Iphone

TSkids, skateboards and bikes have arrived electric motorcycles that revolutionize urban mobility. And despite the "problems" they have created and legislation and society as a whole need to adapt, it is clear that urban mobility is changing. And it will continue to develop towards new means that do not pollute and facilitate the continuous rhythm that characterizes the big cities. For all this, the Chinese company Xiaomi has developed a new electric bicycle with the advent of a motorcycle to be launched next June in China: HIMO T1.

According to Gizmochina, the company has just introduced a new product that has nothing to do with its well-known "smartphones," or its famous My Electric Scooter scooter, one of the best-selling ones. "The bicycle has a cost of 2999 yuan, and shipping will start on June 4," the media reported following his success in a crawling campaign. That's his price, the change is399 euros(what are the cost of scooters in Spain)?

This bicycle, which resembles a pedal moped, has a design patented by the company itself. The pieces are picked very carefully by thinking about a product that is as light and stable as possible even when shooting. In fact, its weight is 53 kilograms and reaches a top speed of 25 km / h, similar to the Mi Electric Scooter, thanks to its 350-watt "engine that offers high-quality features."

What also surprises the HIMO T1, which can also be controlled by the "application", is its autonomy. The 14,000 mAh battery can reach up to 60 km. But it's not all. The user can adapt a second battery with the same features (28,000 mAh total) to reach 120 km.

As far as headlights are concerned, the company says there are high intensive headlights that can illuminate up to 15 meters. It also has an LCD panel that measures speed, battery and autonomy. In fact, this type of screen is the one that will include the second version of your scooter, which will be released this year.

The tires have 90 mm. wide and rubber with a high elasticity of 8 mm. fat. It also has a dual front and rear braking system. "While the front has a hydraulic disc brake, the rear wheel uses a safe and durable drum brake system," says Gizmochina.

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