Sunday , June 20 2021

The English press surrendered to Alexis Sanchez's feet

The big goal and his good performance against Arsenal won him a praise for Alexis Sanchez, who returned to the title in Manchester United.

And the specialized press repeated the compliments from the tocopilan.

For example, the Sun calls "a Boo quién", referring to the constant mistakes that the Chileans have received from gunmen fans.

And for Maravilla he said he "inevitably cried at his first return to the Emirates, but he muffled the crowd with an exquisite definition."

For the Daily Mail the most important thing was Alexis returning to the net and the place where he made it: "What place to score his first goal from Old Trafford. Written to the stars, "he shouted.

The Guardian highlights the good level shown by Alexis in his "return to his old house."

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