Thursday , June 17 2021

The expert points out the risks of triclosan in hygiene products

on triclosan is a powerful antibacterial and fungicidal agent available in some Means for personal hygiene and cleaning,

A study conducted by the Institute of Biomedical Neurology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Chile stated that Ingestion may cause neurological damage,

Who runs this study, the doctor Genaro Barientos from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Chile, it became clear that "it has a detrimental effect on the central nervous system, but in healthy adults the effects are usually lower."

"The main problem will be during pregnancy and for older people with neurodegenerative diseases have already developed, "said Barientos.

There is still uncertainty about the actual harmful effects of the compound.

The expert mixes a series of unfavorable consequences, such as changesthe way neurons communicateNeurons are the main element of the nervous system, and if one changes the way of communication, it can change the functioning of the nervous system, especially if it happens during the child's pregnancy.

"Evidence accumulates, there are supposed to be several related effects, there are articles that mention that there may be consequences, As changes in the hormone system, it can cause liver cancer and change the bacterial flora of the intestine", added the academic.

What Bariantes says you know is high level of triclosan exposure in the population. "An Australian study analyzes triclosan in 2400 urine and all of these triclosans are found in his urine," he said, so his counsel "has stopped using it, there is no reason to continue using it as the risk is greater than possible benefits. "

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